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The Rainbow Bubble Machine

Everybody loves rainbow bubbles and everybody loves LEGO™. Now, everybody can love my Rainbow Bubble Machine, built entirely from LEGO™!

Meanwhile I have built a new version which will make you smile even more.

Can be checked out on YT here.

See the machine in action.
If it does not make you smile, you're not human.

Pump with rubber gear.
One motor for the arm, one for the centrifugal pump.


If for some reason the video does not show, use this link to watch it on youtube.



Building Instructions:


You will need the following PDF files (per default, they open in new window):


Or download zip of all instructions.

part list (opens in new window)

To get it all together, have a look at the images of the machine from different angles:



Front ImageFront Right ImageFront Left ImageFront Left Left Image






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